Hot Wheels Redlines
Online Redline Guide to collecting Hot Wheels produced from 1968 through 1972
Hot Wheels Redlines For Sale

Cars will be added as my schedule allows.

Just click on a category title to see cars available for sale. 

There is also a store search engine below to search cars available without having to got through each tab.
Hot Wheels Redlines
Online Redline Guide
Online Redline Guide


The link above is for items I may have listed on eBay.  Please click on the link above to see my listings.
Redlines & redline related items available for sale from my personal collection that I have collected over the past few decades.  Most collectors know me as "California Custom Miniatures", my forum handle.  My personal collection can be found here.

Below are categories for each Spectraflame year.  Just click on a category title image to see cars or items available for sale.  Click on a listing to pull up the pictures and descriptions.  The vertical text menu will bring up a pop up catalog for each category.

Even though my site may not show secure in the browser, the store links below are secure and all purchases are directed through Paypal. 

To purchase all you need to do is "buy it now" and the checkout will direct you to Paypal.

I do accept checks or money orders, but you will need to contact me prior to your purchase.  Contact me with any questions before making any purchase.  I do not sell cars to be evaluated.  All sales are final.  Pricing is based for shipment within the United States.  I am open to reasonalble offers.

If you are outside the United States, please contact me prior to purchasing.
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